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Parent Partners

Small class sizes, student character development, caring teachers and parental involvement are the foundations of GHS.

Our philosophy is that the successful education of a child requires an equal partnership between students, their parents, and the school. Research shows that one of the strongest predictors of student success in schools is parent involvement. At Golden Hills School, we are committed to nurturing and developing this partnership to ensure a superior educational experience for each of our students.

Clear and plentiful communition is the foundation of this commitment as we ensure that parents remain aware of what is happening in school, in their child's classroom and with their child academically and in all aspects of their life at school.

Weekly school and classroom newsletters keep parents apprised about events and ways they can participate throughout the school year. As many as four Parent-Teacher Conferences are on the calendar, including a mini-conference prior to the start of the school year in order to set up the school-family partnership and to set academic and developmental goals for the year. Two student Progress Reports are prepared and shared at the end of each of the first two trimesters and a final Student Report Card is sent home at the end of the year. Formal communications are further enhanced through more day-to-day interactions between families and teachers as emails are exchanged, quick conversations take place at arrival and dismissal and additional conferences are scheduled as necessary. Finally, for Middle School students, online grades are updated regularly and homework is posted online as it is assigned allowing parents to support their child in organization and time management.

Our active Parent Organization provides many volunteer opportunities for parents to get involved and support the school with community building and fundraising events that occur throughout the year.

Our minimum annual volunteer requirement of 25 hours per family is an indication of our commitment to involving parents in their child's school life.