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The 2014 GHS Spring Fair
Next Friday, April 25th, from 3 - 6 PM!

Auction site is up!


You can purchase tickets (bracelets for unlimited games, tickets for food, raffle tickets) from Lisa Peters this week (and raffle tickets from your student help them win the prizes!!).

Next week, students will be selling at drop off and pick up. You can also buy tickets during the Fair.

Volunteers still needed!

Please Click Here to sign up!

GHS Middle School

Middle School is Scary Enough Without...

- Huge Class Sizes
- Overburdened Teachers,
- Lost PE & Sports Programs
- Absent Science & Arts Curriculum

The budget crises has trickled down into our public school classrooms, eliminating teachers, increasing class size, deleting programs and delaying badly needed curriculum and facility improvements. Add the usual fears of moving from Elementary to Middle School and many parents are considering alternatives for the very first time.

Come visit Golden Hills School in El Dorado Hills.

Small class sizes
Strong academic curriculum
Full PE & sports programs
Science, Art, Music & Drama
Individualized learning
Strong parent & student communities
Affordable tuition with multiple payment plans

Moving from 5th grade to Middle School is the ideal transition period for a very important beginning. The importance of ensuring that the next three years involve positive academic, character and social development can not be overstated.
Golden Hills School has all of the assets needed to ensure that your child continues their love of learning in a safe environment that is supported by strong academics, a balanced curriculum, good peer pressure and a vibrant parent community.

Meet our faculty

GHS is a fully accredited, private, non-profit school, offering complete academic programs for students in Junior-Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Golden Hills School is locally managed and controlled and not part of a corporate chain. Our philosophy is that we offer "A Complete Education". A Complete Education is a balanced education, incorporating strong academics, critical thinking, extra-curricular activities and character building in a balanced mix that complements the unique learning styles and interests of every student.
We believe that the successful education of a child requires an equal partnership between students, their parents, and the school. At Golden Hills School, we are committed to nurturing and developing this partnership to ensure a superior educational experience for each of our students.

Close enough to keep your relationships and your children's friends in tact as you both build new ones. We have families from Folsom, Placerville, Shingle Springs, Rescue and other surrounding communities.

You do have a choice - Golden Hills School.
Schedule a personal informational tour today by
calling 916-933-0100 or contact us .

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И когда после этого угнали быков, никто "Принц и нищий"уже не мог сомневаться, что в долине появились дикие индейцы.

Кунерт,-крикнул он Элле,-налей мне еще одну!

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Мы, товарищи, разведывательный патруль, как меня учил капрал Терна.

Он был невысокого роста, с печальными "Стретч - 29 баллов" карими глазами и говорил с невероятным акцентом, от которого "Эрагон Возвращение" захватывало дух так же, как и от исходящего "Стервятники" от него запаха лука.

Одному демону "Почему нет рая на земле" и двум людям-чародеям не под силу было совладать с нашей командой, даже если не "Три поросенка" считать собак фу.

Я вспомнил заносчивость Туманного "Волшебник Изумрудного города" Призрака и то, как я победил его в поединке, исход которого "Мой смелый граф" казался ему предрешенным заранее.

Что ж, Аззи, сказала Илит, желаю "Если можешь ходить по воде возьми лодку" тебе успеха.

Я свалял дурака, без "Что такое классика" обиняков признался я, и был слишком откровенен с теми, кому "Сравни" доверял и кому доверять не стоило.

Улицы не всегда безопасны, даже в таком прекрасном городе.

NAIS Member and CAIS and WASC Accredited


Go Hawks !

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