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GHS Band Program

The Golden Hills School Band practices Monday through Thursday weekly during 7th period.

DSCN0935 800x450In the GHS band we have 6th, 7th and 8th graders together for a one hour course Monday through Thursday.  It is a challenge to mix students from different grades with different ability levels.  But it is a challenge that the students at GHS are capable of meeting.

When students choose an instrument to play the emphasis is on the experience of ensemble playing and teamwork. Having a complete ensemble with the necessary instruments is a priority so that GHS students can experience the growth and inspiration that only comes through playing music together in an ensemble.  If there are too many of any one instrument and not enough of another then a student may be asked to help out the band by playing a different instrument. 

Band 1The challenge of working with mixed abilities is met by customizing and tailoring the music program for each individual student as far as possible.  We do this by doing our band arrangements ourselves.  This allows individualized parts to be written appropriate for each band student’s ability level.  More complex and challenging parts can be arranged for the more experienced players while more simple parts can be given to the beginners-all the while still allowing us to play songs together that sound good enough to inspire the students to further heights of work and dedication.   

The program in the band class is designed to allow as much personal development and progression as possible while still maintaining the group band dynamic.  This is accomplished by regularly dividing the students into groups.  This allows students of different ability levels to develop at their own pace as well as providing time and opportunity to work with students at an individual level.  Another added benefit is that individual students can be helped and instructed while keeping all the other students busy constructively.  Student groups rotate through six areas of focus: pep band ditties, scales, guitar hero, songs, rhythms, and music production.